ATMOS - Pipette Accuracy Tester

  • High Accuracy
  • Results in less than 30 s
  • Leak measurement
  • Works exclusively with air
  • Stand alone

Air-displacement pipettes need to be checked at regular intervals in order to comply with the accuracy standards. The calibration verification normally requires very careful weighting with a laboratory scale. With ATMOS, you can check the accuracy of your pipettes daily, which allows a continuous performance monitoring between the usual calibration procedures.

With ATMOS you can test single channel and 8 channels pipettes in less than 30 seconds, without the need of balance and of manipulating liquids.

Quick pipette testing in 4 simple steps :

1) select test volume
2) place the tip on ATMOS
3) press and release the pipette piston (10 sec. cycle)
4) read the dispensed volume and the leak on ATMOS screen

ATMOS is measuring, in dry conditions, the exact displacement volume as well as the leak of the pipette.

The measurement data are stored in the instrument and can be downloaded on a computer for longitudinal pipette performance monitoring.

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